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Google Home, MyHS, and Firewall settings

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  • Google Home, MyHS, and Firewall settings

    I am looking at why my Google Home is not working with Homeseer, and found that I had to update my firewall rules. For troubleshooting, I have a rule that allows my Internal network to go to any IP with any port (Internal-any-any) and it works to control the lights through Homeseer.

    I disabled that rule and created a rule for Google Home-any-any and it cannot control my Z-wave lights through Homeseer. If I also add a rule for my Homeseer computer-any-any in addition to the Google Home rule, it works again.

    I am trying to find what ports or IP addresses Homeseer needs open in the firewall for it to work with Google Home so I don't need to leave it at Any. With searching in my firewall logs I see Google Home talking to (Google DNS) when I tell it to turn on a light but cannot find what Homeseer is using. Thanks.

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    For myHS service, HS3.exe opens a connection to


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      Thanks, that took care of my problem.

      The firewall rule I have now is for the IP address of the computer and for the Google Home, to use only UDP/TCP 10300 to connect to or (