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New devices not showing up in GH

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  • New devices not showing up in GH

    Is it supposed to or do I have to unpair and repair each time I add something?

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    Have you checked other threads, like here ?


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      thanks for that. I'll hold tight then.


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        If you are having trouble syncing devices, make sure to remove voice from all of your devices and then only add it to the ones you need. The Google Home sync process terminates on error so if you have a non-supported device set for voice, then depending on where that device is in the process, you will be missing devices. As far as I know, currently only devices with: ON, OFF, or DIM statuses are supported.
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          If you're still unable to find your Google Home device within the Devices section of the Google Home app, try the following, Try using another supported mobile deviceto set up the Google Home device. ... Or your mobile device or tablet, turn Wi-Fi off and then back on. Reopen the Google Home app and try set up again.Check this:
          It may help!