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Y some Devices don't show? & (Add a Check mark)

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  • Y some Devices don't show? & (Add a Check mark)

    Hello, some of my devices will not show in GH. Thermostat is one, but I read is not supported yet, so moving on that one.
    I have some Virtual Devices that will not show, some do, what or How is the trigger for them to show up or not?

    Second part, is there a plan to Develop a better inclusion of Devices? and an Update?

    1- Being able to Chose the name for a Google Home device will simplify things, since each time we add new device we have to start over.

    2- Being able to Check mark which devices we want in GH and which ones not will also help with the GH Housekeeping and organization.

    Just 2 ideas that probably many already thought about ;-)