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"Hey, Google, turn Lights off in 20 minutes" - is this possible?

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  • "Hey, Google, turn Lights off in 20 minutes" - is this possible?

    Is it possible to set up a GH timer for turning something On or Off in a certain amount of time?
    Kinda, "Hey, Google, turn Lights off in 20 minutes".

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    There is always a solution by scripting in HS that is why I love it...
    You will though have to use IFTT to launch an event that triggers the script...
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      I just had a chat with Google Support about this after going to to look at something about Shortcuts. It is not possible at this time, but the request has been sent on the development team for Google to add this capability. I knew I could set music playback for X minutes or to stop at a specific time. Starting as well for both of these. Apparently the basic concept is that you can currently use Google Assistant to set an Alarm and Music Playback is apparently associate with alarms but nothing else is associated at this time. If you have a Google Home, feel free to provide the request as feedback and it may appear sooner rather than later. I am surprised how quickly they have been adding features and updating units.
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