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Google Home w/ Fanlinc

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    Google Home w/ Fanlinc

    I wanted to share this in case it helps anyone else. I set my fanlinc fan device to voice control. I couldn't find it. I went into the status tab and change the control use as follows...

    Off = Off
    Low = Dim
    Medium = Dim
    High = On

    Now the device syncs to google home and I can fully control it. I can ask it to turn on or off. On will set it to high. If I want to set it to low I have to ask it to set it to 33%. If I want to set it to medium, I have to ask for 66%. Those last two are not too obvious. My hope would be is that HomeSeer devs will use device traits to set mode names in the future to make this more intuitive.
    - Tom

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