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Google Home Not importing all Devices - Solved!

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  • Google Home Not importing all Devices - Solved!

    What is the numerical limit to devices that are imported to Home Control?

    My Home Control only imported 37?

    With all of the integration I have with my HomeSeer, I have almost 300 devices. (see attached)

    Anyway I can prioritize, or filter which ones Home Control Imports?
    I cannot figure out any rhyme or reason, why it imported the ones it did.

    Thank you.
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    I guess I should have done some more reading before posting my question.

    I did a bulk disable voice command on all of my devices, then cherry picked the ones I wanted, and it worked.

    Is there anyway to update GH without unlinking and re-linking?


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      "Hey Google, sync my devices"


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        Saying "Hey/OK Google, sync HomeSeer" to the GH also works.
        Karl S
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          Read more Where? How did you "Cherry Pick"?

          Where is there more information about integrating with Google Assistant? What did you do to "cherry pick" your devices? I am wondering how it decided which devices would appear in Google Home.


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            You "cherry pick" based on "enable voice command" in the device settings in Homeseer. Once you do this and sync with google, the device will come up.