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Google Home / HS3 broke today

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  • Google Home / HS3 broke today

    GH/HS3 broke today in a weird way. GH would accept voice commands and will report execution as if everything was normal. No action at HS3 though. First thing I tried is to re-sync HS3 devices by GH. GH reported that it synced the devices, however the problem persisted.
    Everything went back to normal after a restart of HS3.

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    Above event was a walk in the park compared to what happened today.

    Total GH disaster. First for some reason GH turned ON ALL 168 devices that were assigned to it when this simple command was issued

    OK Google turn on "media reading".

    "Reading" is a simple virtual device in the room "media" Nothing special.

    As far as many of those are used to trigger events you can imagine the disaster at home.

    After that and after several HS3 restarts GH replied to all commands like that

    Command: OK Google turn on "media TiVo".
    Response: "I don't know which "media TiVo" to turn on"

    After few hours of investigating what could be wrong, apparently the problem was that GH had many duplicates of my devices. The total number has swollen to 336 from the normal 168. As far as GH doesn't allow deletion of devices I decided to to delete devices by "disabling voice" in HS3 and re-sync with GH. Guess what. Only one of the duplicate got deleted this way and the other one stayed. Now I'd have devices that are voice disabled in HS3 and yet voice active in GH. This didn't look right to me. So the next step I took was to "unlink" the whole HS3 account from GH. Another surprise here. After the "unlink" the devices reported by GH app dropped from 336 to 168 and after that all the way out to 0.
    The only fortunate event for the day was that a subsequent "link" brought all 168 devices up at once. Something that I have had problems in the past with. Back to normal now.

    I was wondering whether GH or HS teams were doing something on the back end that caused this ordeal or it is build-in instability of this newer technology.


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      I had a similar issue occur yesterday - all of a sudden, saying "hey google, turn on Brett's office lights" - it would turn ALL 27 lighting devices around the house on (responded with "Ok, turning on 27 lights" - what the heck?!). Same with toggling this device off. Restarted the HS3 server, rebooted all google homes, no change. Re-synced devices, no change. I ended up just making an insignificant change in the "Brett's office lights" device, re-synced, reverted the insignificant change, then re-synced again and all is well. Something became corrupt with this one device it seems that was making it trigger all lights. Very odd.


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        No problem here today.