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Google Home Only Imports One Homeseer Device

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  • Google Home Only Imports One Homeseer Device

    I've been trying to setup Google Assistant to control Homeseer devices using the steps at . I was able to link Google Assistant to Homeseer, but it only imported one device -- light number 21 of 63. Google assistant can turn on and off that one light, set it to different dimmer levels, and so on. However, it cannot control any other lights. If I unlink and re-link Homeseer from Google assistant, again it imports just one device -- that same single light. Asking Google to sync Homeseer devices also doesn't help. My phone is an Android. I am running HS3 on a Windows PC.

    Does anyone have ideas?

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    Have you ensured that the little 'Voice Control' box is ticked on the device settings page for each light that you want to link to Google Home?

    And have you checked that each of the lights includes the control status functions 'On', 'Off' or 'Dim'?


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      All of my light devices have "Voice command:" checked, but do not have "Confirm voice command:" checked. I believe all lights have on/off status function (listed as such in status graphics menu). Most support dimming. A few do not.

      Edit: I resolved the issue. I needed to set the Control Use values in the Status Graphics panel for each device.
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