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Google Home routine works but says cant connect

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  • Google Home routine works but says cant connect

    I am using the "Leaving Home" routine with the "Adjust lights, plugs and more" option. I have it set to turn off 2 lights (Kitchen and Office). When I initiate the routine both lights turn off but I am told "Sorry I'm unable to reach kitchen lights right now". It works fine if I only have the kitchen lights in the routine.

    Anyone have any idea why this is happening?

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    I have the same issue.. Google Home states that it can't reach 4 lights, but all 4 lights did in fact turn on. I used a workaround - create a virtual device, then create an event that turns on the group of lights.. then add a custom command to your routine that turns on that single virtual device. This eliminates the "sorry I'm unable to reach..." message.


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      I have the same issue. Thanks for the tip about creating a virtual device+event.