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Google Home - Thermostat control error

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  • Google Home - Thermostat control error


    I have recently added Thermostats in Homeseer, I have synced them with Google Home, specifically the new interface that lets you see the temperature, adjust the setpoint, mode. The temperature properly displays for each thermostat with the current mode. When I try to adjust the setpoint of any thermostat which is in Homeseer, it shows the setpoint being adjusted, but the setpoint never physically changes in Homeseer. If I refresh the thermostat in Google Home, it reverts back to the original setpoint in Homeseer. (In the new Google home interface, it shows a picture of the thermostat and let's the user either use plus or minus, or use a thermostat dial to turn up or lower the setpoint).

    It's as if the setpoint changes are either not being sent back from Google to Homeseer, or the setpoint changes are not being accepted.

    in the log, a warning is shown: JSON controldevicebyvalue ref 0 not found

    Asking Google Home to specifically set a setpoint seems to work...i.e. change master thermostat setpoint to 21 degrees.
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