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GH turns on lights without being asked

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  • GH turns on lights without being asked

    I have a virtual switch set up that gets turned ON or OFF according to whether we are at home or not. It is just used as a 'condition' flag so that's all it does.
    Various HS events then use this switch and perform different actions depending upon whether it is turned ON (we are away) or OFF (we are at home).
    One example is that when we are away some of the house lights are turned on at night (actually a certain amount of time after sunset) .
    If I turn this switch ON using HS Touch or Imperihome it works perfectly (ie the script runs as designed after sunset and some lights are turned ON).
    If I ask Google Home to turn it ON it not only turns on that switch but also says "turning on 8 devices" and turns on all the downstairs lights as well. If I then ask it to turn off the virtual switch it also turns off some but not all the lights it just turned on.
    I cannot see the logic of this behaviour or how it even associates the downstairs lights with the virtual switch.
    Has anyone else noticed this behaviour or can suggest why this happens?

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    If you assigned your google home and multiple lights the same room in Home app, google will turn off / on all lighs in that room when ask to turn on ./ off lights. Is it possible that google home is doing this because 8 devices are same type and located setup in the same room?


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      Thanks for replying. At least some of the lights in question are set up in different rooms. For example, I have just one GH device which is located in area 'Lounge', four of the lights that get turned ON are also in the Lounge, two others are in the area 'Kitchen. I've just been playing around with it soem more and I think that the event I have set up to respond to the virtual 'Away' switch is a red herring. According to the logs the event is not being run so in fact what seems to be happening is that when I ask GH to turn on the virtual switch it goes ahead and turns on all house lights (but not external lights) as well. Since GH did an update the interface allows you to associate devices with a switch but looking at my 'Away' switch I see no devices associated with it. Also if I turn on the 'Away' switch using the GH interface it says it is ON but it isn't. I have a suspicion that this has all gone wrong since the GH updates and I might need to try deleting the GH set up and starting again.