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Multiple Homeseer instances with Google Assistant/Home?

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  • Multiple Homeseer instances with Google Assistant/Home?


    I tried searching for this but came up empty. I have two locations, each with a Homeseer installation. In months past I had created separate MYHS users, each with access to a single HS instance, and used separate Google accounts for the Home devices in each location. Recently I saw that Google finally added multiple Home capabilities to the Assistant app. So, I tried unlinking and re-linking Homeseer to the Google Assistant using a MYHS account with visibility into both Homeseer instances. What a mess. Nothing would link (though it said it did) until I reverted back to the segregated MYHS and Google accounts.

    Does anyone know if this is supposed to work? Are we supposed to be able to use a single Google account, with a single MYHS account, and import and arrange multiple Homeseer instance devices into "homes" in the Google Assistant?

    Am I making any sense? I feel like I'm using the word "home" too much.

    Thanks in advance for any insights.

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    I've asked a similar question multiple times. And, I have not heard of any way to solve this problem.


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      Same question, multiple HS instances. Possible with one Google account?