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  • Sync - Something went wrong try again

    I added 4 devices to HomeSeer and needed to add them to google home. I unlinked and then tried to link again. I’ve been trying this since yesterday - each time I get the error “Something went wrong try again”. I’ve tried rebooting HomeSeer, turning off voice control on all devices except the essential ones, and waiting / retrying multiple times. Any ideas?

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    There are 2 or 3 threads in this subforum that discuss the problem at length. There's a known issue that, according to HS, is Google's responsibility to fix. There's a workaround that some have managed to get to work, but many have given up using GH integration for the time being.


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      Spent 4 days wasting time with Google Home support. The only thing they know how to do is factory reset. Absolutely worthless.
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