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Google Home without MyHS?

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  • Google Home without MyHS?

    I have a DDNS to which I can access my system via webpage, HSTouch and HomeSeer Mobile. Can I connect Google Home through this same method or do I have to have a myHS subscription to make it work?

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    The solution I just figured out here:

    ...doesn't require myHS, although you could use myHS if you wanted to.


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      That solution seems less than ideal because it doesn't use Google Assistant's smart home mechanisms, so you can't use the touch controls on a Home Hub, for example.

      It would be really great to have first-party support for using Google Assistant with a direct connection, and thus no need for MyHS.


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        You're right. The solution I linked to above is voice only. I use that, plus the native HomeSeer/myHS integration, at the same time.

        What problem(s) are you looking to avoid by bypassing myHS?

        I believe the technical limitations are due to how Google Assistant runs things. It seems you can only specify credentials for any Google integrations. The Google Action then talks to a single end-point for all users (myHS in this case), using the credentials to decide what to do (in this case, which IP/port to target).


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          I just like to have as few entry points to my network as possible. I don't need MyHS as I have a port open in my router (and adequately locked down), so I would prefer not to use it if I didn't have to.

          Plus, it's an extra layer that doesn't need to be there. And on a few occasions now, something has gone wrong in MyHS and I've needed to relink HS (and thus set up my entire home again with Google) to fix it.


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            Yup, that's what I thought. I can relate as I've tried to avoid relying on myHS for anything as well. Unfortunately, I don't think that's possible for Google Home integration unless you want to write your own. I have never had to relink HS but I've read about others having similar issues. Personally, I only add devices to rooms in Google Home when I want to use generic commands and have them do different things based on which room I'm in (turn on the TV, turn on the lights, etc). Everything else works w/o adding devices to rooms. That at least limits the rework should something reset. I'm not sure what other setup you may be referring to. I could see the argument for wanting the Google Home and Hub interfaces to have everything organized in rooms, but I would then argue you're wasting time navigating when you could just speak. :-)