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"Try Relinking" Error - Its Back.

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  • "Try Relinking" Error - Its Back.

    I thought the "try relinking" error had been fixed but ...

    Previously, when I tried to sync a large number of devices (> 25 or so), I, like any others, would get a "Try Relinking" error from Google Home. A couple of weeks ago, that seemed to have been fixed.

    However, it seems it was only a partial fix. Now, if I try to add voice control for Events, I can add only a few of those before I get a "Try Relinking" error. Are others having this problem too? Has anybody gotten a large number of Events (say more than 10) to appear as Routines in Google Home? Similarly, are others getting errors when trying to add events and, if so, does there seem to be a maximum # of Events you can add without error? What about devices - are others still having problems linking those (without Events)?