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Adding a User to HS Web/HSTouch setup - how long before Google Home can "see" it?

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  • Adding a User to HS Web/HSTouch setup - how long before Google Home can "see" it?

    Is there a time lag between adding a user to the HS Web/HSTouch setup screen and when it's accessible by Google Home for adding the link to HomeSeer?

    For some reason, my previously working link was lost and now I'm adding a user ID specifically for Google Home.
    But after I add it, and then try to use those credentials on my phone Google Home app to link to HomeSeer, I get the message "Bad user or password" on that MyHS app screen.

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    It's my understanding that you must pay the annual fee for premium service in order to have more than one MyHS user.


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      Ok, now it appears that I am confused between MyHS and the Setup/Network/ Web-HS Touch User Settings because the latter allows for numerous user IDs

      And I got the Google Home reconnected successfully, when I found the ID and password I used for MyHS.
      To clarify, the MyHS ID and password is *not* created nor managed within the Homeseer app itself?


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          Thank you. It only now came to me too, that I can remotely access my HS is via the myhs.homeseer.comlogin. Never had a need for it before but now I get it - I think it was information overload at the beginning.
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