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Device removed and not readded on sync

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  • Device removed and not readded on sync

    I had a device called "goodnight" that I set to voice control and it worked on my google homes. This morning I decided to add one called good morning so I can add it to my good morning routine. When I did that, my goodnight device went away! I can't figure out how to get it back.

    Also, @HomeSeer, Is it possible to log the requests when syncing so that we might see what devices are being sent so we know if it's on HS3's side or Google's side?

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    I am having the opposite issue. I can't get devices to remove, I've unchecked voice control in the device options.


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      I have a similar issue. I have a missing device that I can't seem to get into Google Home. All of my changes seem to get applied when I re-sync devices, but no matter what I do I can't get this 1 device to show up. This device has been around and voice enabled before I added my first Google Home device. I really don't want to have to unlink HS and loose all of my work thus far. Plus I'm not even sure unlinking and relinking would even fix this problem. Anyone have any advice on troubleshooting missing devices?


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        Note I have been unchecking the "Voice command" checkbox for many devices since that box is checked by default for most things and I was seeing a lot of devices in Google Home that I'd never control with my voice. I remember reading threads a long time ago about there being some sort of limit on how many devices can be added to GH. While my initial linking w/ HS could have hit this limit, I have much fewer devices in GH now, and I've been able to add new devices. I just can't get this one device to appear no matter what I do.