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Google Home/Assisstant and Door Locks

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  • Google Home/Assisstant and Door Locks

    I saw a post that said locks were working now with Google Home and HomeSeer. I changed the Control Use settings for Unlock and Lock under Status Graphics as the post said. I then unlinked HomeSeer and relinked in Google Home. The lock shows up, but touching it in the Google Home app just brings up the config (Device Name, Room, Home, etc.). When I ask Google to unlock the device, she says she doesn't understand.

    I'm able to control the lights and the thermostat I have setup in HomeSeer with Google just not my door lock.

    Is there any other settings or config that must be done to get them to work?

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    have you tried using voice to lock/unlock? works with voice for me but not from the GH app.


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      Same problem here. No controls show up in Google Home.


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        Same thing here. Just set up Google Home with HS and everything except locks are there.


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          this is a Google thing... probably have to do with security concerns. I don't particularly use the Google onscreen lock/unlock but if you must have this, you can always create a virtual device and leave it as an On/Off switch. On = Lock, off = unlock and setup an event to lock/unlock based on that.

          Any device that I have set as a "Lock/Unlock" device, Google show it but doesn't allow to control it from the screen.


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            Others have it working so there must be a way. And my locks do not show up at all.


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              Yeah - something changed. This used to work for me - "OK Google, unlock the *whatever* door". Now it says "that mode isn't available". If you say "Lock the *whatever* door", it works. My guess is this is in response to recent publicity. Maybe there's a workaround.


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                I have a "Door Lock" (Kwikset Z-Wave) device showing up in Google Home also. A tap just brings up the config. Assistant will lock the door but not unlock the door, same "mode isn't available". Makes sense from a security standpoint. Imperihome and Homeseer Mobile apps do both.Guess I'm OK with that if the alternative is being able to unlock the door from the outside. My GH is pretty non-discriminate in the voice security arena.