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Control ZWave RGBW LEDs via Google Home

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  • Control ZWave RGBW LEDs via Google Home

    I have some RGBW LEDs that I use for under-cabinet lighting. They're connected to ZWave using a Fibaro controller (which, as an aside, has worked really well). I can control the lights just fine using HS.

    At one point, long ago, in a previous Google Home integration I could control the color of these lights directly from Google Home. I could say, "OK Google, set kitchen cabinets lights to muave" and it would actually change the lights' color (did you know muave is a real color?). Now, GH only sees these LEDs as a dimmable light with no color control. I can change the white intensity from GH just fine so I know it's connected to the right device, but it just doesn't have any color control.

    Am I missing something to get GH to recognize these as colored lights or is this not supported any longer?