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  • Naming and Device Type

    I use Google Homes very frequently at home, and am having two issues as I start to set things up. Wondering if anyone knows how to work around these:

    1. The device naming is using the format "<Floor> <Room> <Name>" - the docs say this is intended and should be fine if I just don't assign the devices to a room in the Home app. I get that, but it doesn't really work. I want to say "turn on the living room light", not "turn on the main floor living room living room light". Even better, when I'm sitting in the living room, I just want to say "turn on the light". Is there any way to control this naming scheme? Or perhaps configure Homeseer such that it does room assignments correctly? I know I can change this manually, but it gets lost every time I add a device.

    2. I have the HS-FC200+ switches that I'm using to control my fans. In the home app, by default, these show up as switches with a simple "on/off". I would like them to show up as fans, and have the speed settings available (off, 1, 2, 3) like they do in HomeSeer. One thread said I could mark them as a "Light", and that does change the device type in Google, but there's still no dimmer/fan speed setting in Google. Any way to get those speed settings over to Google?