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No longer able to issue "Open the garage/gate/doors"

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  • No longer able to issue "Open the garage/gate/doors"

    Did Google disable this feature? I used to be able to unlock doors, open gates etc.. but for a week or so now you can close and lock but can't issue the open/unlock command anymore.

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    I had the same issue. I reconfigured my devices so i can ask google to "activate" my garage doors regardless of open/close status.


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      A little work around... not ideal solution but using IFTTT, you can create an unlock command to regain this feature. I'd rather not but gotta ride it out until google can implement something.

      To add a sense of secuirty, you can set your commands as IE: "Unlock the door - Code = 12345 or whatever so it's not a simple "Unlock the door" if the concern is anyone screaming through an open window or what have you.

      If Google can implement something where it recognize your voice and or ask for a pin/passphrase before doing it, that'll be another level of smartness.


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        That seems to be a solution in this scenario.