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Voice command "turn on" turns lights to 99%

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  • Voice command "turn on" turns lights to 99%

    It does this instead of the last setting it was at. Is there a setting for this or a different command via voice? If I tap my light switch on it goes to the last instead of the 100% brightness.

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    Are they Zwave switches?
    This could've changed but last I knew Zwave only went up to 99%. That's considered "on".


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      Correct zwave switches and it states 99%. What I really want though is when I ask for "ON" for it to go to the last brightness which would be as an example 27% instead of the 99%. The Kitchen is about the only room in the house we use lights at full power.


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        Anyone with ideas? Another thing I haven't sat down to figure out yet but I can't tell Google Home the percentage of the light but I can control it from the Google Home App/Hub.


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          Try this: Open the device, then go to Status Graphics tab. On the "99 - On" and "255 - On Last Level" rows, swap the "Control Use" entries, so that "On Last Level" has Control Use of "On", as shown.

          Click image for larger version

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            Switching the on and on alternate resolved the issue for me.