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    For me Homeseer and Google Assistant unstable. I can give a command, like turn on a light, then 2 minutes when I ask to turn off again, I get the “Sorry, I couldn’t reach Homeseer”.
    Is it just me?

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    Its not just you. Not sure if this is a HomeSeer issue or a Google one, but the reliability is not good. If its a HomeSeer issue, hopefully they can address it with HS4.


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      It may be worth installing ha bridge or node red on your servers and basically cutting out the middle man - with the HS integration, you're dependent on google and HS to be able to reach back to your server. Two sets of infrastructure and then to your HS instance. I shifted to these after some long HS outages and the various problems with device discovery.

      If you have devices presented direct to your home/mini devices using ha bridge or node red, you only have the voice recognition being handled by google, then the local device flips the switch.
      Improves responsiveness and cuts out more layers for things to go wrong.


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        I too am having issues lately. Everything is connected to WiFi but HS is unreachable by Google