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Unable to Link Homeseer Tried Several Methods Listed Here

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    Unable to Link Homeseer Tried Several Methods Listed Here

    New install of HS3 Linux, running buster 10 Headless

    GH used to work brilliantly, but now cant even get a link.

    Tried jreff method which worked for him unlinked and uninstall everything, annoyance to reset the 4 GHs in my house (wife wont be happy in the morning) - DID NOT WORK

    Tried jjashie method which worked for him removing all voice commands, add to devices only that can be switched etc - DID NOT WORK

    now what? The reason I have 4 GH devices is to communicate with Homeseer and if I cant do that..

    I am really beginning to believe it is Google changing things all the time. Pure craziness.
    I really should not be replying to this post or I will make myself the next "victim". I would really try, setting it all up. Correct voice commands/voice selections of course. Then link it. Then tell google device to sync Homeseer. If you get a "ok, I will sync or link or whatever" response from google device with no errors or timeouts. > Let it sit.

    That has been how I got mine to work with VERY little to no problems. As a matter of fact, I just re-synced mine last night after making quite a few changes. This morning, it was all under Google Home App.

    YMMV -- Good luck!


      So in desperation created a new google account and it worked "ugh" (yet another account to manage) so just gonna roll with it as is, spent the last bit getting everything added, labeled and tested.

      Meapilot thanks for the response, could very well be google or HS i will never know... Just don't do any major changes to your system


        That has been trick some have resorted to as well. I have noticed some craziness with google home itself. even assistant responses for general things have been quirky.
        With issues I keep seeing people experiencing and little oddities, I am beginning to think it may be on the Google side. Never know I guess.
        HA. I have thats for sure!! But I also try to do it in incriments when possible.

        Glad you got it going

        I am just about ready to disconnect them and use them totally as HS speakers