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  • Announce Package Delivery via SMS and IFTTT

    I've been reviewing threads here, but it remains unclear on how I would implement what I'm like to do. I'd like to use IFTTT to link Android SMS and HomeSeer for the specific purpose of announcing when a package is delivered.

    Currently I receive a pretty timely SMS text from USPS, FedEx, or UPS when a package is delivered. Via IFTTT I'm able to create three applets (one each) based on an SMS coming from a certain number. What I'm unsure about is how to configure the HomeSeer side to receive the message and speak it. I see options for controlling devices and/or running an event, but I need access to the actual text message to determine if it is a delivery or some other notice.

    I can do that pretty easily with a regex text, but how can I get access to the text within HS?

    For other SMS-based applets, I'm able to specify ingredients to pass (including the text message), but this does not appear available for HomeSeer. Are ingredients not supported?

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    I'm not sure - there seems to be an IFTTT action to 'Send a text command to HomeSeer' but IIRC this has not been mentioned/discussed (?) - I'm not sure where this message would be going and whether or not you could intercept and use it. I'm not sure whether or not it works to advise you because I've set up an action and it seems to say that it it can't run it.


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      UPDATE: I was able to do this with SPUD's IFTTT plug-in. I have defined an IFTTT Recipe (actually 3 - one each for USPS, UPS, and FedEx), that when I receive a text from a certain number, it creates a file on Dropbox. The SPUD IFTTT plug-in then retrieves them and puts the data (date/time, sender number, sender contact name, and message) into HS Global variables. I then have an event that checks for changes and if "delivered" is in the message, it announces that I have a package.

      When I have some more time, I'll try to parse out the received message further to have it announce more info about the delivery such as location (ie. mailbox/front prch) and signed for by, etc.

      Note, you could this method in a more generic way so that every text you receive could be seen by HS and have it trigger an action.