I have created 3 applets to integrate Trane (Nexia) thermostats with HS3. These are triggered either by the Homeseer "if a device is turned on" or "if a device is turned off." The devices are virtual devices that are for the state of my DSC security system: "armed away," "disarmed upon returned home;" and "armed stay" (bedtime). The Nexia part changes the set point of the thermostats. Each has worked as they are supposed to work. However, I happened to look at the log of activity at IFTTT website for each and there are many, many entries for times when "Applet failed." These times occurred when the applet should not have run (e.g., the bedtime applet, during the daytime, when the DSC system was not armed in stay mode). These "failures" occurred with no corresponding entry in the HS3 log and the failure times are different for each applet. The details of the failures don't exist, except for "HomeSeer service or API may be temporarily down." Again, the log indicated the applets ran when they should not have run and the times of failure were different for each applet. This is a curious problem, that I have not seen with other applets and because the applets work when they are supposed to work, I am not too concerned. However, has anyone else seen this kind of activity?