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send a text command to homeseer

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  • send a text command to homeseer

    I am trying to use my location to set a virtual device in HS. The device would have three states: Home, Away, Office.

    I cannot figure out how to directly set this in IFTTT since the virtual device with 3 states doesn't show up (at least I don't know how to make it.) in IFTTT when making an applet.

    I see that IFTTT can "send a text command to HS". I was wondering if anyone uses that? Can I send a string to HS to set the virtual device? I tried searching for a thread about that, but didn't see any.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Probably a bit late in the day, but for anyone searching for this I had precisely the same scenario. I am using the "send a text massage" option - HomeSeer just sees it as a voice command so anything that works with that will work with the IFTTT option. I added a specific voice command to the virtual device of "Set house mode" and then the text in IFTTT is just "set house mode to away" or whatever.


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      For the original scenario, I just created an event that is invoked by IFTTT. So IFTTT causes that event to trigger, which in turns sets the virtual device or whatever else is needed.