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Swapped between HS3 Raspberry Pi to Linux and IFTTT stopped working

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    Swapped between HS3 Raspberry Pi to Linux and IFTTT stopped working

    I was running the raspberry pit HS3 over to the Linux Pro installation (478) and restored the back that I had taken earlier that day.

    I have:
    - checked and connected by MYHS and it works;
    - changed the primary license from my old Raspberry Pi license over to the HS3 Pro install;
    - made sure JSON was on (Enable control using JSON)
    - made sure passwords were off for local network (No Password Required for Local/Same Network Login (Web Browser/HSTouch));
    - checked that a lot of my devices already have on 'ControlUse'
    - send email to the HomeSeer support team.

    Just remember that this is a port between two installations of HomeSeer from a backup and that MYHS is working to access the install.

    When removing and re-adding the channel, I get 'Loading', 'Error accessing service' and option 'unavailable'.

    I remember that there seemed to be some sort of magic hand-shake or decoder ring last time I set this up, but being that it was a couple of years ago now, I need the extra help to sort it out.

    IFTTT was a huge part of the installation and I am really hurting that it's missing.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    I have a feeling that this is something on the HomeSeer licensing/myhs servers as the troubleshooting guides are not helping at all.