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Homeseer initiated triggers not working

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    All contact with the 'help' desk have resulted in frustration and them thinking there is nothing wrong with their product. I have opened up ports to the internet and even exposed my HomeSeer box directly to the internet without success. Seems like they are unwilling to help or care.

    All IFTTT actions to the HomeSeer box are fine. But anything devices I want to monitor via IFTTT are not triggering at all. Seems like HomeSeer has an issue sending the data to IFTTT.

    Any help would be appreciated as I am getting noting but crack-hurt from the help desk.


      Originally posted by simonmason View Post
      This is what I am getting this morning when I edit the settings on my homeseer devices in IFTTT. However, I think that the existing triggers are working - haven't fully checked this but seems ok.
      Following up on this. I went through the settings for Homeseer on IFTTT - It said connected and that everything was working. However as was evidenced by the error message it was not connecting to Homeseer. I then clicked the edit button and it brought me to the MyHS login screen. I then typed in my password and hit OK. Now the Homeseer connection works again.

      So IFTTT thought it was connected fine but in fact it was not working. Not sure where the issue was here. Also, I was only testing IFTTT's ability to set Homeseer devices. I have not gone back and looked at setting devices in Homeseer and having them mirror in IFTTT. I gave up on that a while ago and use the more complicated (but reliable) web hooks approach.


        I'm also getting the same problem, this was working so well


          I am experiencing similar issues, when ever I restart HS3 or lose internet cx ifttt connection needs to be refreshed through edit on ifttt side.


            I am involved in a similar thread on the Alexa Skill side where connections are mysteriously dropping and the skill has to be reconnected. Although thoroughly unscientific the common denominator in all of this is myhs. What I don't know is whether these issues are happening at the same time between Alexa and IFTTT - which points to something going on with myhs. As I have switched to using web hooks with IFTTT I am bypassing the myhs for communication from homeseer to IFTTT. I am still using the So it is hard for me to tell.