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IFTTT triggering Homeseer events... is the system hacked?

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    IFTTT triggering Homeseer events... is the system hacked?

    Ok so this situation has happened twice in the past 2 months...

    I have IFTTT on 3 android phones. I have few random applets and also have a few Homeseer ones. The Homeseer ones are set to alert me and call my phone when triggered by a Homeseer event. Example: CO detected, message and call phone... Leak detected, smoke detected and so on.

    So 2 month ago all of a sudden i'm getting the messages and phone ringing that CO is detected... then smoke... then leaks. I'm like OMG WTF is going on! But wait, I'm home... and nothings actually going on here! These messages and phone calls keep going and going until i uninstall IFTTT on all the phones. So ok, somethings got to be triggering this in Homeseer, right? Nope... I check all the devices and logs... nothing. Homeseer is running perfectly fine. Devices like the Smoke and CO detectors never actually went off (meaning they never sirened). Ok so there must be an issue with IFTTT. I don't really use IFTTT for anything important so I remove all the other applets and only have HS stuff on there, and there only to notify my of events as I stated above.

    I reinstall IFTTT back on a phone. Set it up like normal. No issues anymore. WTF? So for the hell of it, I change my password just in case, obviously I make it damn near unhackable password again... but it's been fine ever since.

    Last night, same thing happened again! Checked everything on Homeseer, everything is still fine. I clear the apps and reinstall them on the phones. No problem again.

    Any idea what is going on here?

    Originally posted by Integraoligist View Post
    Any idea what is going on here?
    Can you be specific as to exactly what your IFTTT "If" trigger is?


      Honestly I disconnected IFTTT after it was making my hue lights behave erratically. It’s not worth the risk especially for critical systems.


        I had the same once about 2-3 months ago, then again this week.

        A virtual device which is triggered by the sensor is the trigger in IFTTT, had a few of them triggered but when you look in HS the Vitrual device did not change status.


          Starting at 10:30pm last night all the way until 6:30am all of the Homeseer triggers kept activating and cycling at random times. Total of 24 false triggers all night long. Luckily I had my phone OFF otherwise that would have pissed me off to no end.

          I contacted IFTTT to try and figure out WTF is going on... but that was last month when I first posted this. Still no response.

          All the triggers on IFTTT are using this:


          Homeseer: A device is turned on

          This Trigger fires when a device attached to your HomeSeer system is turned on.
          • Select a device: Virtual: CO Alarm Kitchen


          Notification: Send a notification from the IFTTT app

          This action will send a notification to your devices from the IFTTT app.
          • Message: CO in Kitchen


            Yep...Having the same type of issue. I use a virtual device on/off based on alarm armed/disarmed to trigger IFTTT to send a message. Stopped working right months back after being rock solid for a long time. I still have it active but the problems persist. Random triggers at odd hours or just plain misses. Moved notification to pushover plugin using the identical virtual devices and that has been working 100%.


              Really odd!