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IFTTT partially down for over a month now?

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    Originally posted by srki View Post
    Does anyone else have problem with HS and IFTTT? The trigger (HS) is delayed like 6-8 hours each time it is initiated? Will there be any fix for the HS and IFTTT connection?
    I seen the same behaviour about a year ago when testing.

    I decided against all uses of IFTTT. I hae no idea why there is such a delay.


      I gave up on trying to integrate HS3 triggering IFTTT events because it was so inconsistent. I read about using the webhook methodology to eliminate the delay, but didn't actually try it until now.

      simonmason's explanation works great.

      I'm going to try it again - primarily because I have an old OrbNext that basically only supports IFTTT now. This is will be a great way to send status updates from HomeSeer - my original plan - and have it reflected on the orb for quick reference.