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ZOOS, Homeseer, IFTTT and WYZE color bulb not playing nice

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    ZOOS, Homeseer, IFTTT and WYZE color bulb not playing nice

    I was sent here from a different spot on the forum. Thank you in advance for giving this some brain power. I have a Zoos sensor tripping a Homeseer virtual switch, and when the Homeseer virtual switch turns on triggers an IFTTT command that turns on a wifi WYZE color bulb. It will only do this once as it should, after I reset the the steps in IFTTT. I am not sure if it is the Homeseer coding in IFTTT, the WYZE coding in IFTTT, or just IFTTT. Once I reset the commands in IFTTT it will work once as it should then maybe work on the second try, if it does come on it will not cycle off. Know that the virtual switch in HS works as it should, as well as the virtual switch that responds to the Zoos sensor and any zwave switches I have in the event all perform as they should. The WYZE bulb through voice commands and the WYZE app also work as they should. If needed here is the event
    Click image for larger version

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    Further, with HS and IFTTT I have a trigger where if an alexa alarm or timer goes off then it flashes a lamp in the living room. It has worked well for over a year. So I think the HS / IFTTT handshake it "good-ish". With the current IFTTT applet mentioned above, I added a 2nd "then" action to the applet to turn on a HS Zwave light along w/ the wyze bulb, then tripped the sensor and the HS zwave light through ifttt did not come on. Further I created an IFTTT button on my phone to turn on and off the wyze bulb and it works OK. There is a 3-4 second delay for both on and off, but it works consistently. What is your opinion on why this may be failing, or what other trouble shooting might you suggest?