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2 phones useing IF for geo location ????

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    Originally posted by collegeboyslive View Post
    I can share some insight.

    If the person is ON the phon,e as in making a cell phone call and the cell is not an ATT phone. The phone cant send and receive data. ( only att seems capable of useing data and cell phone calls at the same time) if it passes a boundary during that time there seems to be no catchup on the IFTTT side so if it cant send the ifttt update as it passes that boundary it never gets sent
    Thanks for the insight, I'll check with my provider up here in Canada.


      Originally posted by TomTom View Post
      Oh wow, that would be annoying. Esp for the wife.
      My exit area is small, about 3 blocks, in case I go biking, walking, visit with neighbors. My entrance area is about 3 miles wide since I want the house to get ready for our arrival- ac, gate, outdoor lights, etc.
      For what ever reason, I haven't had any delays or problems with ifttt. This is the first occupancy setup that has not made my wife want to strangle me. I've used other setups where in the middle of the night it would say exit and then entry and turn on lights, etc. Or I would leave and the AC, lights, TV, music, etc would go off while she was home
      I know this is an old thread, but I just started using IFTTT for geofencing. Do things work well when the difference between exit and entrance criteria is this much? Wondering what would happen if you drove 2.5 miles from your house (so you're considered home), but then you drove away 10 miles. So, you never really entered the 3 block area. Would the exit trigger fire?


        Originally posted by claude View Post
        I also wondered whether geofencing keeps working while the phone is in lock/sleep mode? Wouldn't make sense, but who knows?
        I'm starting to wonder about this. I just setup IFTTT for geofencing. The first few days, it was working great. I was keeping an eye on my iPhone while driving (mounted on holder for safety), and IFTTT geofencing was working as defined.

        However, the past two days, it didn't register my exit or entrance to my home area properly. One thing that was different is that I had not been using my phone (maybe for an hour or so) during the times I was exiting or entering my home area. This morning, it updated immediately after I turned on my phone, many miles and minutes after I had exited my home area. So, I am getting suspicious that IFTTT geofencing only works well if phone hasn't gone in a deeper sleep. And maybe other solutions like Geofency work better since they keep the iPhone at a more awake state???


          Many of us use PHLocation and a fencing app such as Geofency. Lots of great information here: