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User db corrupted?

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    User db corrupted?

    I also sent a note to tech support about this but thought I would post here to see if anyone had any advice.

    I have two users in settings - default, simon. The simon user is admin. This is the one I used for myhs.

    Then I created a third user - and made it normal.

    Then I noticed that myhs would only allow the user to log in, simon did not work.

    So I deleted and yet myhs still allows it to login and it is the only one it will allow.

    FYI - I had originally created the third user thinking I would setup users for each family member, not knowing that this is not possible without paying the annual fee. I don't think that this is entirely clear in the settings section - probably should be communicated a little better? I was under the impression that myhs would not support multiple HS installations without the annual fee - which I think is fair - but would support multiple users.

    Do you have myHS premium? If not your login name to myHS is your email address.
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      Thanks - I do not have myHS premium. I only have one HS server so I am operating under the assumption that this is not necessary?

      Support also responded and set me straight - My user for myhs did not have Admin + Local.


        Do I understand you right: You may have several users on one server, but they all must be Admin + Local?