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No connection when on local WiFi (mobile)

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    No connection when on local WiFi (mobile)

    This seemingly started to occur when my home internet was upgraded (new router) but I am not 100% sure. I think it was just prior to that.
    I can connect to myhs when on 4g LTE with out an issue, and also from my PC which is wired.

    but if I am on the local WiFi network with my mobile, I can't connect to myhs.

    hardware setup: FiOS router, it only acts as a wired router. I have a 24 port switch, with orbi for my wifi. I also have a second netgear router for WiFi as a back up (I had some bugs with ORBI at the beginning). My HomeTroller box is wired to the switch.

    I also turned on the wireless radios on the router and connected to it.. no difference

    Any ideas or trouble shooting steps?

    Another data point.. if I kill the wifi connection while its connecting, it will give me an error connecting to an IP address. That IP address is the OLD IP address for sure. Very odd as this is only happening with my mobile, and homeseer is reporting the right local ip