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MyHS not showing events in Android App on HS4

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    MyHS not showing events in Android App on HS4

    Recently upgraded from HS3 to HS4 Windows. Went fine. For several days the Android app showed all devices and events from the HS4 instance. I was able to add a few events to dashboard pages in the app.

    After a few days the app stopped showing Events, but devices appeared fine, as did the events I'd placed on Dashboard pages.

    Some searching around provided no answers but did talk about having the same user on both MyHS and the local HS4 instance. I already had that, but created a new user anyway, and added it to both MyHS and HS4. No difference.

    I'd opened a support ticket over a week ago, but after a pretty quick initial response they've gone dark, so I'm hoping someone has a suggestion I can use to get this working.

    Thanks in advance.

    Starting events from Google Home is also not working anymore. Deivces are working.
    This problem is there for more than 4 weeks.

    Homeseer support please look at the support tickets opened on this subject !! For example :HSCS-8622 , HSCS-8765

    There is another post on this subject:

    See also :Routine with Homeseer events not working - HomeSeer Message Board