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Device nodes for single devices issue

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    Device nodes for single devices issue

    Hi all,
    found a really odd one here.
    Spud came up with some more info on the device node, saying that the default method was control, and if you set msg.payload.status to "off" or "on", it would control the device fine. Tested on some nodes, seems to work great.

    Cool, I can start reducing the nodes where possible...

    Ok, so here's a weird thing - single nodes (like virtual or devices with no sub device) do not work. They also do not update the HS device node label with the name for some reason (see attached screenshot)
    Now, if I set msg.payload.value to 0 or 99, it works like it should.
    So I'm wondering if the lack of sub device is throwing the logic on the node labelling and the default control action?

    Ok, seems I had some weirdness - after a reboot and recreating the flow, the behaviour for setting the HS device is correct - must have been not deleting msg.payload before setting msg.payload.status.

    The other part still stands though, the label not updating :P


      It is not uncommon for the Name to be left blank by nodes. For instance, the Unifi and Denon contribs I use do not add to this field.

      In the HomeSeer Node's case, as you suspected, the name is added when there is a Child Device as it comes from the Child Device field. So z-wave switches using the current z-wave plugin may not have a child device so their name will not fill in automatically. I do know that the intention is that all HomeSeer 4 Devices have a Child device, so in the future only pulling the name from the Child Device field should be acceptable.

      As a side note, the HomeSeer node adds the Name field to the payload so later nodes can know which node added the data.
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        I also have this issue, that it doesent update properly.
        I have seen this on old virtual devices, made in HS3, which doesent have child devices, so i will create new virtual devices in HS4 to replace the old HS3 virtual devices.
        Hope that will do the trick.