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    Post Homeseer STATUS into chart

    Click image for larger version

Name:	PPM Value.png
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ID:	1467695 I've been hunting for the answer for a couple of days and I know it is so very easy for the people who know how, so I thought I would finally give in and ask the question......

    How do I get the ppm Value from my Homeseer Device (0.036) into a chart, I've read that I will need to add a change function into the flow, but what would the function need to be set to?

    You may want to use something else for showing charts. The Node Red Dashboards are disappointing. There is little control over the final layout.

    Grafana has some nice capabilities. You need to push your data to InfluxDB. That can be fine with node red or mcsMQTT. There are other options as well.

    Since you are showing a Node Red Dashboard Chart node, here is what you need to do get the items charted:

    Add a Change node after your HomeSeer node. The Chart takes a value in msg.payload and uses msg.topic to determine what that value is. This is important when showing multiple items on the same graph. HomeSeer sets msg.payload to an Object of many values. So we first save the HomeSeer payload to a new embedded object and then delete msg.payload. We delete it because we cannot change the type once it is an object. Now we save either the value (preferred if it is a number) or the status from the HomeSeer object to msg.payload. Since status includes the ppm in your HomeSeer device, the hope here is that the value is just the number, 0.036, so use the value as shown below. Also set msg.topic to be what you are graphing. In a picture, your Change node will look similar to this:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	hs1.PNG
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    Here is the change noide above which you can Import into your flow:
    Last, to see the dashboard, browse to replacing with your Node Red IP.

    Note that if your graph shows nothing you MAY need to change where it is displayed. I had problems with getting the graph to show the values until I moved it to a different location. This "solution" was found from a web search.
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      You are a genius. Many thanks for your help and guidance with my request