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HS triggering Alexa Routines

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    HS triggering Alexa Routines

    I've got Node Red installed and have the HS and Remote2 v2 palettes installed. I've done some proof of concept work for connectivity, but I'm having issues with the logistics of actually kicking off Alexa Routines from HS virtual switches.

    My needs are pretty simple (for now). I have some smart bulbs and strips that only seem to be compatible from Alexa. These are in our rec room, and I have Alexa routines that control color combinations, etc. I'd really like to kick them on and off from within HS using an Aqara button that I use via the Jowihue plugin. For instance, 1 press for basic lighting, double press for party mode, hold for off, etc.

    Can anyone share some flows showing an HS device triggering Alexa routines? Thx!

    Try this:
    It uses the on device activity node, that basically parses everything that alexa does, you can then trigger for specific words and get your routine stuff that way.