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TTS via NodeRed – Is there a better way?

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    Hi spud, let me try to articulate the issue better.
    • Create a virtual device in HS4 v4.1.18.0 or later. That device will show up in the Devices page as two separate sub units with different Ref IDs, a root device and a Control child/feature. Note: previous versions of HS4 only created one device
    • Create an Event with an action of Easy Trigger set Device's String To: and try to select the virtual device just created. In the drop down what appears is only the Control child/feature.
    • Setup a HS Device node in Node Red and set it to the virtual device in our example.
    • In the previously mentioned event, set the device string to something.
    • In node red, the device string is not updated/passed in the payload.
    • Go back to the virtual device in HS4 and delete the Control child/feature.
    • Go back to the Event and reselect the object for the Set Device String function, now the root device shows up.
    • Go back to node red and reselect the HS node and set it the same object as we just did on the Event.
    • In the event set the device string to something.
    • The HS node in Node red now reflects that change.
    I'm not in front of my HS installation at the moment and recreated the steps from memory, hopefully they are accurate.