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What is the output from event node for?

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    What is the output from event node for?

    As topic asks, what is the output on the event node for?
    I have noticed it sends out "ok" when a event is triggered by a node-red node, but it does not send out anything if the event is triggered within homeseer.

    I had a wish that it always sent a output so that I could add actions to the event when it runs in Homeseer, but I'm guessing that is not possible?

    Per the Help on the Node in the Editor, it is to communicate the result of running the event as either an OK or an Error. So you can then decide to report on or do dome other action on an error and or completion of the event. I would create a Virtual Device if you wish to trigger a flow from HomeSeer. This can then be set by an Event.

    See Jon00 HS4 Device Creator for HS4 for a great way to create Virtual Devices.

    If you have a good use case, perhaps we could convince spud to add an option for it to report when an event has completed which is triggered by HomeSeer. I suspect that anything you wish may be better handled with a Virtual Device as that allows for more flexibility.

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