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HS4 Event triggering Alexa TTS

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    HS4 Event triggering Alexa TTS

    I am new to Node Red, so it might be a silly question to ask. Yesterday I installed Node Red, HS4 PI, and node-red-contrib-alexa-remote2. I got it all working, I can control HS4 devices and events, and I can also send a TTS message to my Alexas. So far so good. What I thought would be good if I can somehow send the text I want spoken via Alexa from HS4.
    The only way I found so far is create a routine in Node red for every different text I want spoken. If that is the case, I could have my event trigger a virtual switch, which then triggers the the node red routine to speak whatever I want for that event. And I can do that for every event. But rather than doing that, if I could pass the text from HS4 to node red somehow, I would only need one routine. And in my HS events i replace the speak action with whatever I need to pass the data to node red.
    Any thoughts on that, is there a better way ?
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    Hey, I hope my answer in your other thread will get you on the track for this. Let me know.