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Alexa-remote2 contrib up-to-date

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    Alexa-remote2 contrib up-to-date

    There have been changes on amazon side. So old alexa-remote2 contrib stopped functioning.

    It is possible that the old one started to work again.

    Appolon77 just did an in-depth refactor of the cookies handling in his alexa-remote2 library. Everything is up to date.

    Here is a nodered contrib I have put online that has all the dependencies updated :

    npm :


    You can change the old contrib to the new one via npm (fastest) or via Nodered palette (longer but maybe easier for some since it is done via the Node-red ui).

    1. Npm :
    From your nodered node pc folder via ‘’npm remove <old-package-name>‘’ .Then, install the new one via ‘’npm install <new package name>.

    2. Node-red UI :

    1- Export ALL your flows (tabs) into a json via export function of nodered (copy it into notepad).
    2- Delete ALL your Nodered Tabs.
    3- Delete alexaremote config node but take a screenshot before.
    4- Remove old Alexa-remote2 contrib from the palette manager.
    5- Install the new Alexa-remote2 package from palette manager .
    6- Import json to recover your flows (see json from #1).
    7- redo setup to initiate account.

    You can also export import only flows related to alexa-remote2 but it is more error prone.