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    Wall Mounted Scene Controller Recommendations

    I currently have about five Enerwave ZWN-SC7 seven button scene controllers wall mounted. They work reasonably well. But, they seem to no longer be available for sale. These are relatively inexpensive scene controllers. I program them to just call HomeSeer HS3 events. I think this is just easier programming.

    I have had these for a few years and one of them recently failed. Since they are no longer available anywhere any longer, I am looking to either replace or upgrade some of these. Current Amazon link:

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a similar scene capable device for HomeSeer?

    I do like the concept of the Nexia NX1000 type scene controller. These have 3 pages of screens with 5 soft buttons on each. Thus, they can control 15 scenes. And, at a cost of about $100 each, they are not too expensive for what they provide. I have never actually seen or used one of these, though. Does anyone have any experience with this device and pairing with HomeSeer?

    Amazon link:

    I have been resistant to putting a tablet on the wall since since these tend to require ongoing maintenance, need power, have mounting issues, etc. The in wall controllers can be relatively easy to set up and require no real maintenance other than defining an event for each of their buttons.

    On my previous Vera system, I did use a Leviton VRCS4-1LX 4 Scene Controller. I have not tried it on HomeSeer yet. But, this can only control four scenes. I'd prefer a scene controller that could control at least seven "events".

    I am curious to know what mult-button scene controllers (preferably wall mounted) users have integrated into their home systems.
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    If you can wait, Enerwave is coming out with a new in-wall with eight scene buttons and a single circuit for a wired switch. At least, that is what I was told when I e-mailed them about availability on the SC7. I have 6 of them and they work very well.

    This was about a month ago, and they didn't have an ETA at that time.


      Now that is great news. Perhaps that is why the SC7 is nowhere to be found. It would be super easy to add these to almost any room with the added circuit for a wired switch.

      Now, if they could create one with a z-wave plus instant update dimmer.

      Surely, I am dreaming.