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Cooper aspire scene controllers

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    Cooper aspire scene controllers

    I have a cooper RF/zwave aspire scene controller switch. So far it seems to be such a pain unless Ive been programming it wrong all along. I have 5 events set up. Some of the issues I have with it is when you press one lighting scene and then say hour later what to press a different lighting scene the first scene light indicator still remains on. Now I've tried to create events to turn off an indicator such as if scene 1 is turned on then turn off indicators for scene 2, 3, 4, and 5. However this seems not to work all the time or never to work.

    anyone had success out there with these and if so what do you do and what does it look like?


    Scene or events? If you use a true scene controller, they work great but HS3 has NO idea what light states are. So I don't use it that way.
    The buttons are flaky at best. Could be delays, mis fires or lights that don't respond.
    You are probably not doing anything wrong - just the equipment as I have all the issues with mine too.
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      I have been using them to run scenes that I have configured under zwave plugin under scene control section.

      just very sloppy thanks for letting me know I'm not crazy


        I have two of these and if you're using them to fire events they are terrible. I have random indicator lights on and long delays on firing events.

        However - I have had reliable success using them to control real HS scenes. HS does a good job keeping the indicator lights in sync also. The scene is configured under the zwave tab of the device after creating a scene under the zwave plugin.

        I also found that, if you want to kick off an event, limit the button to doing something for "scene on" only. I have about an 80% success rate doing it this way. Don't make scene off do something as well. Then the last action of the event is to turn the scene off (or turn the indicator off) to "reset" the button. With 5 buttons I still haven't used them all.