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Help with RF at 885 MHz

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    Help with RF at 885 MHz

    UPDATE: 01/10/2017

    My controller came in and I found a link and the documents say the controller is on 868/915/434mhz and the remote is 868mhz.

    If not mistaken the zigbee is 915 and 868 in EU.

    Anyone have any info on 868 or 915


    The controller for the LED I have in the living room cove ceiling went out. I hated it anyway because it 3 knobs you had to adjust for colors and getting to it was a pain. Anyway, I got a new one where the controller/receiver is up by the lights and then it comes with a wall mount remote.

    I looked at the units and it does not say anything about the frequency of the RF. I called the company and they called the supplier and they told them it runs on the 885 MHz frequency.

    I did some digging and see 885 if also used for RFID.

    So my question at large is if anyone knows for sure what 885 MHz is classified at/as or what protocols use it and if there are any transmitters/receivers out there for home automation.

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