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Thermostat Control Recommendations?

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    Thermostat Control Recommendations?


    For a new home build we are installing multi-zone floor radiant heat. No air conditioning system though ( mountain home at 8400 feet ).

    We have not looked yet at any specific thermostat controllers and would appreciate any recommendations from the users here.

    We will have 3-4 zones most likely spread across two floors. I would like HS to have full control over the controls for intelligent management and tracking. I'm fine with hard-wired or zWave options. I would like to leverage time schedules as well as motion and temperature triggers withing HS logic, but also offer local control for override if needed or if HS is down for any reason.


    What did you end up doing for this? I'm looking to control a radiant heat system that will only be used episodically to warm the floor after long periods of dormancy. The heat for the room is ground source heat pump but I'd like a way to control the radiant heat for the floor with HS.