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Re-purpose V572A Transceiver?

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    Re-purpose V572A Transceiver?

    Hi all,

    I'm hoping someone more knowledgeable than I about these wireless receivers can answer this question for me, but little background first.

    I am in the process of decommissioning most of my X10 switches, but I do have a few palm pads and maybe even a wireless X10 security sensor I might still want to use. I've had this V572RF32 plugged in an upstairs outlet for years putting signals on the powerline via a PSC05 interface.

    So my question is this: Can I move my V572RF32 to directly connect to my HS3 PC using an Edgeport/1 USB to serial converter and then get HS3 to recognize the incoming data via one of the existing HS3 plugins? (The V572 does indeed have an RS232 port on it I wasn't using.)

    I gather I could also plug the V572RF32 directly into my XTB-IIR's modular connector and pick up the X10 off the line from my CM11A but that seems a bit circuitous and not sure it would detect the X10 security modules.

    Thanks for your thoughts in advance....Happy New Year, everyone!