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Text command to set a light to x%?

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    Text command to set a light to x%?

    I'm using my google home to connect to ifttt and turn the light on and off (that's easy). I'm wondering if it's possible to set it to a %?

    I have ifttt sending homeseer a text command that looks like so:

    "Google/Living Room/50"

    I'm wondering how I would be able to make the 50 a variable so homeseer isn't looking for that exact text? Also is it possible to set a variable % all I see is a drop down when I setup the event.

    So I ended up just sending a text command to homeseer which it treats the same as a listening device. I have it setup so if I say "set living room light to 50 percent" it will then send a text command to homeseer with "dim living room main light to 50%".