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Analog and IP camera integration

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    Analog and IP camera integration

    I'm not sure if this is the correct forum but I'm in need of a solution for cameras - both analog (coax) and IP. I will do my reading but I thought I'd start here for some pointers... basically I have:

    - 4 CCTV cameras which I don't feel like replacing due to the difficulty of replacing the coax with Cat 5/6. The DVR has failed and I want to replace the DVR with a capture card and tie it into HomeSeer.

    - 2 IP cameras that have their own integrate web browser. These can save images to a file location on the server.

    I also want to add more sophisticated IP cameras with or without an NVR (preferably a software NVR running on the HomeSeer server).

    On the Homeseer side I just want to be able to view the live images. For past imagery I can use the DVR and NVR software.

    Any pointers are greatly appreciated!
    Thank you

    My two cents. Get an IP server like vivotek 8x series that converts analog to IP. Then use an IP dvr or Nas to host all the cameras. In Homeseer you will also be able to add these IP cameras off vivotek to do things like take pictures etc


      I'm currently using Blue Iris to pull in all of my camera feeds (analog and IP) and the Blue Iris plugin to control it from Homeseer. Allows me to set recordings, use the cameras as motion sensors, etc.